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Trusted Children is an app under development that want’s to keep your children safe while setting them free.

With Trusted Children, you can grant someone you trust ongoing permission to see your last known position at any time. But each time they look at your last known position, you will be notified. Since Trusted Children continuously logs the last know position to a secure server, you can see the last known position even if your child’s device runs out of batteries or is destroyed.

At Trusted Children, we believe that children should be given the freedom to explore the world on their own terms. This means having access to the excellent safety net that location tracking gives them. But it also means exploring that world without being constantly watched.

Trusted Children is developed by privacy-minded parents. We believe that for children to thrive, they must grow up in an environment where children are trusted to make good decisions even when adults are not watching. But we also know that children will make mistakes, and they need to know that adults will protect them from the worst consequences of those mistakes.